Call Recording Server


Get crystal-clear recordings.

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All-In One Appliance
Our new call recording server runs Windows 10 and records to a solid-state drive.

Simple to Install
Record from phones, radios, microphones or dispatch consoles. Just snap a cable to your network, attach the lines, and you’re recording. A keyboard and LCD are included. We’ll guide you through the setup online. You can be up and running tomorrow.

The system is powerful enough for government applications like PSAPs and fire departments, yet affordable enough for commercial applications as well. Standard analog inputs make it a plug-and-play replacement for existing 9-1-1 recorders. It’s upgradeable to support T1 and VoIP.

Features of the call recording server:

  • Records from outside phone lines, analog extensions, microphones or radios in perfect digital quality.
  • Installs with a quick, simple connection between the phones and your server. Existing equipment is unaffected. No PBX programming or alteration is required. Digital Loop-back testing lets you listen-in live for easy installation.
  • Calls may be securely accessed worldwide via your existing LAN.
  • Recordings are individually time and date stamped for easy recall.
  • Caller ID and touch tones are decoded for easy search and recall.
  • Individually adjustable level controls give you crystal clear recording from a variety of signal sources.
  • Calls from each line and day are organized in separate directories for quick access. Every recording includes a digital signature with time and date stamps for traceability.
  • Automatic disk space management saves room for your most important calls. Old calls can be backed-up or optionally deleted to conserve disk space.
  • On-screen level meters show activity on all channels.
  • Call Analysis Software sorts recordings using DTMF signaling. Calls can be easily located using DID trunk numbers, Caller ID, or out-bound number dialed.
  • Calls are recorded in standard .wav (u-law G.711) format for play-back on any PC or Mac using Media Player. No proprietary play-back software is required.
  • Real Time Player software provides instant recall and live monitoring of any channel from remote network workstations.
  • USB plug-and-play with Windows 2003, 2008, 2010, XP, 7, 8