Personal Digital USB Call Logger

Digital Performance
Audio recordings are perfect with the personal digital USB call logger. Multiple copies of recordings can be made without degradation. Record to a hard drive or network server for reliable storage.

Automatic Operation
Voice activation keeps all your calls organized in time-stamped directories.

Trace Incoming Calls
Like to know who’s calling? Display the name and address of the caller with Caller-ID and call tracing. Sort instantly by caller-ID or number dialed.

Instant Replay of Live Calls
Did you miss something important? Maybe an address or order information? Replay calls instantly, even while recording. Find calls quickly. Digital files can be copied, emailed, encrypted, and backed up on any computer.

Sort, Analyze, and Trace Calls
Search for calls quickly. Sort and print call lists.

Features of the Personal Digital USB Call Logger

  • Record outside phone lines, analog extensions, VoIP phone hand-sets and other audio sources in perfect digital quality.
  • Captures screen shots (ie. order and contact information) and organizes them with call recordings.
  • Installs with a quick, simple USB connection between the phone and your PC.
  • Calls may be emailed immediately, even while a call is in progress
  • Recordings are individually time and date stamped for easy recall.
  • Caller ID and touch tones are decoded for easy search and recall. CID and outside line connections are required.
  • Calls are organized in separate directories for quick access. Every recording includes a digital signature with time and date stamps for traceability.
  • Automatic disk space management saves room for your most important calls. Old calls can be backed-up or optionally deleted to conserve disk space. Network storage is fully supported.
  • Call Analysis Software sorts recordings using DTMF signaling. Calls can be easily located using DID trunk numbers, Caller ID, or out-bound number dialed.
  • Calls are recorded in standard .wav (u-law G.711) format for play-back on any PC or Mac using Media Player. No proprietary play-back software is required.
  • USB plug-and-play with Windows 2003, 2008, 2010, XP, 7, 8

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