Telecorder Logging Recorder

TeleCorder 4 Channel Logging Recorder

Record All Your Phone Calls Automatically

If you depend on phone or radio conversations for the success of your business, the TeleCorder is the tool for you! It records all of your calls automatically.
To ensure accuracy and proper follow-up, use the TeleCorder to log all of your appointments and business discussions. The TeleCorder automatically maintains a database that allows you to access your important calls by caller ID, dialed digits, length of conversation, or date and time. The TCwL-2F (two channel) and TCwL-4F (four channel) recorders store conversation on their internal hard drives. TeleCorder recorders with internal hard drives do not need to be connected to a PC or LAN to record.
The recordings are stored on the recorders hard drive (7,200 hours) and accessed via its LAN and/or USB connections. Models TCwL-2F and TCwL-4F have a the built-in player.
The less expensive UpCorder models (UC-02B and UC-04B) store recordings directly to a PC via USB cable connection and user-friendly software. They do not have built-in storage and rely on the PC for storage.
All TeleCorder recorders are supplied with software on CD that is compatible with Windows-2000, XP, Vista, or Win-7, 32 or 64 bit OS.

Easy to Use

TeleCorder records all calls for review either immediately after the conversation ends or at a later time — from a window on your PC (simple plug-and-play connection using the supplied USB cable) or by using the built-in four line LCD display, keypad, & speaker or headset and via LAN access with the TCwL-2F, and TCwL-4F.

Easy to Install

Modular phone cables, USB cable, and owner’s manual are supplied with each TeleCorder . TCwL-2F and TCwL-4F recorders come with external AC power supplies (UC series is powered by the PC via the USB cable). TCwL recorders also include a two meter LAN cable. If you are not connecting to phone lines, optional accessories are also available to enable quick and easy installation. For example, the TSA-3LM or TSA-SLM can be used to record all conversations from multi-line phones, analog or digital, via their handset or headset jack.

Find Calls Quickly

Searching for specific conversations is as easy as recording. You can search by time and date, channel or phone number (if caller ID or DTMF was available). Since recordings are stored digitally, they can be randomly accessed during playback. The display also indicates elapsed verses total time of each recording so that you can seek out specific parts of long conversations. Playback recordings by using either the built-in player, LAN connection, or via the USB connection to your PC. Playback does not interfere with recording.

Manage Your Conversation Database

Conversations are stored efficiently and securely as digital files on either a built-in hard drive or the hard drive of your PC. Recordings from the built-in hard drive can be quickly transferred to your PC through a USB connection and LAN connection with TCwL recorders.
For sensitive applications, passwords can be used to stop others from listening to your conversations. If you fill up all available storage on the built-in hard drive, it will continue to store new conversations by automatically overwriting the older calls. Software supplied with the recorder lets you manage recordings with your PC and convert them to standard WAVE files for easy sharing with clients or colleagues. You can also use your PC to copy the recordings to CD or DVD media for almost unlimited storage.

Stand-alone or PC Operation

TeleCorder with internal hard drives operate entirely on their own and do not require a PC for recording. Playback and set-up functions are possible using either a PC or with the TC series, a built-in key-pad and four line LCD display with backlight. Most users find it more convenient to manage the TeleCorder from a PC using the supplied USB cable and user-friendly software. When you need to manage the TeleCorder or the recordings stored in the recorder from the PC, simply open the TeleCorder program on your PC and you will be ready to play, sort and search the recordings, change passwords, set time and date, print out lists of recordings, convert recordings to WAVE files, transfer recordings from the TeleCorder hard drive to the hard drive or CD recorder on your PC, manage hardware and software options, etc. The TCwL-2F and TCwL-4F can also be accessed and controlled via its LAN connection. The LAN connection also permits live monitoring of a conversation.
The recorders do not have a power up or power down procedure. Simply plug them in to start recording, and unplug to turn off.

Compatibility: Key to Ease of Use

Recordings that have been transferred from the TeleCorder to a PC or server can be played on any PC with a sound card. The file formats are converted without loss of quality and can be sent by e-mail or copied to storage media such as CD or DVD disks. No special software is required for playing recordings that have been saved to your PC using the included software.

Meeting or Interview Recording

The TeleCorder can also be used to provide recordings of meetings and interviews. While it is not intended to be a replacement for costly recording systems that can play multiple recordings simultaneously (TeleCorder can only play one recording at a time), with the proper microphone it provides recordings as good as or better than what you would hear if sitting near the microphone. Of course, the microphone can also be used with the TeleCorder for recording memos or dictation. You can store multiple memos, each one time-stamped for later retrieval, with enormous capacity and easy searching.
Since the TeleCorder inputs require line-level audio, microphones need to have either a built-in or external amplifier. While standard amplified microphones are OK when you talk near the microphone, they are not very good for recording everyone in the room. For room recording, the microphone should have pressure zone audio pick-up, such as the Omnicron PZ-2LA microphone.

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