Zebra DS6878-HC Healthcare Scanner


  • PREVENT MEDICAL ERRORS, IMPROVE PATIENT SAFETY AND INCREASE CAREGIVER PRODUCTIVITY: The DS6878-HC cordless imager enables hospitals to automate data capture, improve data accuracy, increase productivity and streamline everyday processes in patient rooms, laboratories and the pharmacy.
    • Its matchless feature set meets the unique requirements of healthcare facilities. An intuitive and ergonomic design combines with dependable and rapid capture of barcodes and other images, allowing caregivers to remain focused on the patient.
  • DESIGNED FOR IN-ROOM COMPUTERS OR WORKSTATIONS ON WHEELS (WOW): Horizontal or vertical installation provides flexibility to keep the work surface clear while ensuring the scanner is always in reach and charged.

  • WITHSTANDS CONSTANT DISINFECTING: IP43 sealing and disinfectant-ready plastic housing allow for a safe wipe-down with a variety of harsh chemicals to help prevent the spread of germs.
  • DAY AND NIGHT ‘DO-NOT-DISTURB’ MODES: Healthcare workers can choose to mix and match the decode feedback right for the moment: visual (green light/ red light), haptic (vibration) and an audible tone.

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